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celebration of the day of the tree 2019 on june 1st in togo

This day established on June 1, 1977 sees the Togolese planting trees to symbolize reforestation, the fight for the protection of the environment and sustainable development. This day dedicated to the protection of trees and the environment is also under the sign of the fight against coastal erosion.

The FAARA Association, aware that the protection and improvement of the environment is a matter of major importance that affects the well-being of people and economic development throughout the world, has designated June 1 as the World Day of the environment. Celebrating this day allows us to develop the foundation necessary to enlighten public opinion and give individuals, associations, NGOs and communities a sense of responsibility for the protection and improvement of the environment. Since its launch in 1977, this day has become a worldwide platform for public awareness widely celebrated around the world.

FAARA in Africa is a non-profit apolitical Association. It gives a possibility of internships or voluntary humanitarian missions to all people who wish to acquire experiences or provide help in the Togolese territory. Our duty is to provide assistance to the development of poor villages (education, humanitarian projects, cultural populations) but also to educate local communities around the concepts of health, environment, sanitation and education, of peace. FAARA-TOGO is recognized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Decentralization and Local Authorities of Togo by the authorization n ° 0534/16/05/12

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