According to the National Youth Policy of Togo and the African Charter, young people are an important link in the development of nations and as such should contribute to its development. Recognizing that education is the key to development and that peace is the the real development needed by nations, having understood that the promotion of gender and the education of girls is a guarantee of empowerment and development;

One of the objective

One of the objectives of the association Adéquations is the information, awareness and education for sustainable development, international solidarity, gender (equality between women and men). To this end, Adéquations creates pedagogical tools and for decision support: practical guides, awareness brochures, methodological sheets …

Promote gender equality

The Togolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs entrusted FAARA with the preparation of a 125-page brochure “Promoting Gender Equality, Initiatives and French Commitment to Gender and Development”

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The https: // site is documentary and Faara Adéquations works in cooperation and in open network with many other networks, collectives and associations, the site has multiple links to other sites that we wish to value.

Equality between women and men

The equality of women and men in all areas, political, economic, social … is both a defining human rights objective and a means to achieve real sustainable development. The “gender” approach analyzes gender roles and stereotypes and social relations between women and men, in order to integrate equality into public policies and into the initiatives of civil society actors.


Equality and gender approach

The “gender” approach studies the roles, statuses and stereotypes attributed to each sex. These social relations between women and men vary according to societies and times, but they remain largely based on inequalities to the detriment of women in all fields and particularly in terms of political and economic power. “Gender” or “social sex” is both a sociological concept, a human rights objective and a methodology for more effective actions, as well as promoting a sustainable development mode.

Economic issues are particularly important in terms of equality between women and men. Adéquations participates in a program “Gender and economic development, women actors of development” in West Africa. It also offers online resources to promote “gender responsive budgeting”.

Gender, economy, development

Agriculture & Food

Food production is growing faster than the world’s population, but at the cost of erosion of natural resources, significant inequalities and health problems related to poor quality of industrial food. Sustainable agriculture and food require equitable agricultural, food and trade policies with green production and consumption patterns.